Environmentally friendly plant nutrition products

Acorn Seeds Ltd provides environmentally friendly, cost effective biological plant nutrition products in Downham Market.
From both an ethical and a practical standpoint, it is important for commercial farmers to enact sustainable and environmentally sound policies with regard to crops. We aim to help with this goal, providing a range of plant nutrition treatment solutions. Proven to improve soil structure, break down crop residues, increase yield and root growth, our products are effective and allow for healthier, more efficient farming. We are major suppliers of TwinN, effective in reducing dependence in nitrogen fertilisers. 

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Our environmental plant nutrition solutions include:

  • Stubble-aid
  • Grain-set
  • Crop-set
  • TwinN microbes
Acorn Seeds Ltd  agricultural seed and environmental plant nutrition products.
Stubble-aid - Downham Market, Norfolk - Acorn Seeds Ltd - Agriculture
Acorn Seeds Ltd provides a range of environmental plant nutrition products in Norfolk. Call us today for more information on
01366 388 915
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